John Boone was a MarsFirst politician, the first man to walk on Mars, excellent pilot and a member of the first 100.

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John is described as tall, thin, good-looking blonde man with a great deal of charisma and excellent public speaking abilities.

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John was born in Minnesota, USA in 1983. He befriended Frank Chalmers when they were both astronauts for NASA in 2010, at which time they were alone together in the American space station. As Frank became head of NASA, John became the captain of the space station. With Frank, he presented the "Mars Apollo" project to the government for the first manned expedition to Mars. He was one of the four members of that expedition and became the first man to walk on Mars. His first words on Mars were "Well, here we are". His celebrity status and experience with space led him to be selected to travel to Mars on the Ares. While travelling on the Ares, he formed a strong friendship with Arkady and began a relationship with Maya.

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John Boone is killed in 2057 during a riot incited by Frank Chalmers in the city of Nicosia after being beaten severly by Selim el-Hayik, he dies from oxygen deprivation after he is knocked unconscious.

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