Ivana was a chemist, red and member of the first 100.

Description Edit

<mark><mark>Ivana</mark></mark> is described by Michel as being quite beautiful, having a thin face and an overbite. She also has a prominent smile, which Michel describes as beautiful, nerdy and goofy.[1]

Early Life Edit

At some point between 1969 and 1992[2] Ivana was born somewhere in Russia. At some point before the Ares voyage, she shared a Nobel Prize in Chemistry.[3][4] She was friends with Maya and Nadia on the Ares, and gossiped with them about who on the ship was having sex.[5]

Life on Mars Edit

At some point, Ivana joined the Red movement to protect Mars from terraforming.[6]

Green Mars Edit

Ivana was part of a small group that greeted Ann Clayborne when she entered the Reds hideout.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Ivana is a common Slavic and Hebrew name, meaning 'God is Gracious'.[7]

References Edit

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