Frank Chalmers is a politician and one of the first 100 on Mars.

Early Life Edit

Frank was born in Savannah, Georgia, USA in 1979. His parents divorced when he was seven; he lived with his father, an alcoholic, in Jacksonville, Florida, where he grew up. He graduated from Harvard. In his young years, he was hardworking, optimistic and idealistic. He joined the National Service Corps and ran a project for the integration of Caribbean immigrants in Florida. He married Priscilla Jones. In 2004 the NSC was terminated because its excessive success threatened local interest and Frank was embittered. He joined NASA's astronaut program in Huntsville, Alabama, in 2005 and broke up with Priscilla. In 2007 he became an astronaut; he and John Boone were teamed in the American space station. During those years his character changed completely; his dreams of social justice disappeared, he became a pessimist withholding a deeply rooted anger, obsessed with keeping the situation from becoming worse than what it already was. He became head of NASA in 2015. With John he promoted the "Mars Apollo" project to the government. He left the position of first man on Mars to John so that he could be the leader of the first permanent martian colony; eventually John joined the First Hundred nevertheless.

Physical Description Edit

Frank is described as a tall, bulky man with dark hair. He is considered by many to be attractive in a rugged way.

Personality Edit

Frank is a highly cynical and withdrawn man who believes that humanity is as a whole stupid, chaotic and in need of order. He is an admirer of philosophers Niccolo Machiavelli and Thomas Hobbes. He believes that you need to constantly scheme, manipulate and lie to others in order to get what you want. However, after killing John Boone and his failure to stop the TransNats unfairly renegotiating the Mars Treaty. He becomes increasingly depressed and begins to doubt is own worldview, becoming engrossed in Marxist philosophy. He also realized that he failed to form any genuine emotional throughout his life, and that he may be deeply in love with Maya.

Appearances Edit