Arkady Bogdanov was an anarchist revolutionary, political philosopher, architect, programmer and engineer. He is arguably the most influential character in the entire Mars Trilogy despite how little he is shown. His followers are called Bogdanovists.

Early Life Edit

Arkady was born in Ugoly, Russia. He was able to get on the Ares by lying on the psychological exam and was responsible for programming landing simulations on the ship for people to train in. He also openly declared that the crew did not need to follow orders from Terra and should try to build a new society not grounded in Terran ideology. Although he annoyed much of the crew and started many fierce arguments, he acquired a small following on the ship.

Life on Mars Edit

Arkady led a small expedition to build a base on Phobos, where they secretly installed a rocket system in order to prevent its use as a future weapons platform. His architectural ideals, based on an interplay of work, life and pleasure as well as the use of circular structures inspired a wave of construction in hotels and apartments. He and Nadia fell in love in Underhill and got into intense political arguments.

Death Edit

Whilst organizing people to fight in The First Martian Revolution in Carr, he was burnt alive after UNOMA forces hacked the cities oxygen supply and increased it rapidly before setting the entire town on fire. His fate was unknown to most of the first 100 until his body was discovered by Nadia, which deeply traumatized her.

Appearances Edit