Ares was a giant spacecraft that sent the first 100 to Mars and Phobos in 2026.

Name Edit

The name Ares is based off the mythical Greed God of War, paralleling the name Mars, which was the Roman God of War.

Design and Construction Edit

The Ares was financed constructed jointly by the American and Russian governments in order to establish a permanent colony on Mars. It began construction in 2024 in Earth's orbit and took two years to be built, with most of the parts being assembled in Japan.

The Ares was around 500 meters long and constructed with 8 hexagonal parts, named 'toruses'. It traveled at 40,000km/h and reached Mars within nine months.

Mission Edit

The goal of the Ares was not only to transport the first 100 to Mars and Phobos, but also to be dissembled on the surface and converted into small houses, scientific labs, equipment and factories.